Industry experts anticipate it to be one of the best blockchain gaming projects that have been introduced to date.

With the growing popularity of blockchain gaming, many exciting projects have been paved, taking the industry by storm. Now, one more is out to be launched by well known international gaming studio QORPO, which will take over the space big time - Crypto Citizen. The team behind this fantastic project have worked with names like Gameloft, Blizzard, Ubisoft and other AAA gaming studios and are confident that this one will too hit the bulls eye. Crypto Citizen is a Rule-and-Earn MMO RPG Metaverse game with an exceptional storyline that comprises a futuristic-looking city of Metropolit. Players race and fight in different game modes and try to outdo each other. The game is made out of 3 different phases: Illegal Drag Races, Fighting Games and the final phase - Open World MMO RPG. It has gained enough curiosity around it well ahead of its launch.

Crypto Citizen offers a complete in-game ecosystem where players discover a whole new world the moment they log in. There are 10 different districts in which gamers can spread chaos, build businesses or fight to conquer the metaverse. Crypto Citizen is praised for its infinite in-game possibilities that players will love.

Crypto Citizen will be the final phase of the game, controlled by a 3rd person's view in all directions in a 3D environment. This phase opens up an action-packed gameplay that has never been seen before because of the possibilities that blockchain has brought us.

Play-and-earn (P&E) gaming has been gaining immense popularity of late, but in most of these games, players need to invest in NFTs before starting playing. Crypto Citizen will be a free to play game for everyone, however, if players want to discover all the in-game perks and earn $CCASH, NFTs, or Syndicate Boxes, they need to get a Crypto Citizen NFT. Run around in 10 different districts of Metropolit and explore what the future of gaming looks like right now.