Super Blood Wolf Moon Will Cause Earthquakes and Volcanoes? Know How The Celestial Phenomenon Could Cause Natural Disasters on Earth!
Super blood moon could cause volcano and earthquake (Photo Credits: Pixabay)

A big astronomical event of super blood wolf moon will be seen on the night of January 20-21 in the sky. A total lunar eclipse will see the moon turning reddish and also very close to the earth. For stargazers and astronomy enthusiasts it is one of the most awaited events of the year. But while the interested people look forward to such celestial events, there is also anticipation about the effects of the same. Every celestial event has certain prophecies or doomsday predictions or natural disasters to it. It is said that due to the position of the moon, there will be earthquakes and volcanic eruptions felt in some parts of the world. Super Blood Wolf Moon 2019 Date and Timings: Know About The Rare Astronomical Phenomenon Occurring in January.

It is a known fact that the moon affects the tidal waves. There are more high tides experienced when the moon is closer to the planet. So this total lunar eclipse or the super blood wolf moon is associated with certain natural disasters. The US Geological Survey has warned that it could trigger some volcanic eruptions on Hawaii. They state that earthquakes occur more when the tides are high, which is a result of the full moon. So during every full moon, the tides are comparatively higher. The USGS has thus established some possible connection between the lunar eclipse cycle and the Hawaiin volcanic eruptions. Super Blood Moon on January 21 is a Doomsday? Rare Celestial Event Combining Total Lunar Eclipse 2019 Predicts Apocalypse.

According to USGS, "In the Hawaii example of 52 eruptions since January 1832, there have been nearly 3,900 tidal maximums, of which roughly 3,850 of them went by without causing an eruption. Statistically, this is about a one percent chance that any tidal maximum will affect the start of an eruption." They also mention that it is a tiny probability but it cannot be ignored. Another study in the past has also revealed the high likelihood of earthquakes during full moons. Although this cannot be the only factor that is responsible for the high intensity of tremors or seismic activity. So while the blood moon is associated with Biblical prophecies, there is a minor possibility of increased seismic activity being felt on the planet.