Several people are anticipating alien invasion on the planet earth. After a tumultuous 2020 and some alien theories, January is also seeing some activities in the direction of extra-terrestrials. A supposedly UFO sighting in North Carolina is now giving rise to alien theories once again. Photographer Wes Snyder shared a video clip on his YouTube channel speculating an UFO behind the Outer Banks Lighthouse. And any slight evidence of a foreign object is enough to get the internet buzzing. Earlier, a blue light object flying over Hawaii sparked similar theories but it was likely a LED kite.

As per the recent sighting, Wes Synder popular for his coastal photography, shared a video of mysterious glow behind the  Cape Hatteras lighthouse in Outer Banks. An illuminating object is seen passing through the starry skies. Synder posted the video and no one has been able to identify what it is. Synder says, "The object was visible for just under 3 minutes total so I doubt it’s a meteor, (or) shooting star as those typically only last a few seconds." From Flying Saucer 'UFOs', Life on Venus to Galactic Federation and 'Alien' Monoliths, Year 2020 Sparked Some Crazy 'Out of This World' Happenings and Theories.

Here's The Video of Mysterious 'UFO' in North Carolina:

The object is captured in pictures, a total of 16 frames more like a timelapse. In the comments, there have been multiple guesses, from an airplane landing to UFO and aliens. Some said it could have been possibly just a meteor. While some have even linked it with paranormal, since a lot of mariners have lost their lives at sea. What do you think, what it could be? Space junk or new arrivals?

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