He has created his own distinct niche by introducing some spectacular illustrations that revolve around cute girls.

The traditional method of buying art has been taken over by the newly introduced technological advancements that has brought the art world to the digital stream. There's no denying the race for digital collectibles has now become faster than ever, and sellers are hugely indebted to NFTs for this drastic change that has brought their profession the right value via their works getting sold on a large scale in the form of these digital collectibles. NFTs have taken the world of art, music, sports, and even consumer products for a spin and opened up a plethora of opportunities which were literally unknown earlier. Many artists have capitalized on the opportunities provided by this enchanting world of digital collectibles, and Yueko is one of them. This New Zealand based illustrator has presented a wide variety of digital art which specifically revolve around cute girls, which have found a niche audience who have highly appreciated his work.

"Building a loyal audience for your artwork can be a daunting task, as there are thousands of talented artists around the world whose work has been widely appreciated. To find your way out amongst these talented lot is not an easy task," says Yueko. However, new technological advancements have made a lot more easier for artists to present their work in front of a global audience via the digital medium. There are a lot of opportunities that can be tapped via Internet, especially social media, which helps reach a global audience without much efforts. Furthermore, with the introduction of NFTs the whole game has changed as now artists are able to offer their work in digital form and even earn commissions on recurring sales, which is extremely helpful in generating a passive income. Yueko learnt about this emerging technology and has listed his work as NFTs too on OpenSea (https://opensea.io/yueko).

This talented artist has exhibited his extraordinary work on his website www.yueko.com where many of his works have been showcased. He says that he wants his work to reach maximum audiences and is thankful that the digital medium has opened up the doors to make that happen seamlessly.