Air Niugini Plane Overshoots Runway in Micronesia to Land on Water Lagoon, Watch Video of Rescue
Air Niugini plane that ended up in lagoon (Photo credits: Twitter/burebasgal)

An aeroplane of Papua New Guinea saw a bizarre accident which will give nightmares to flyers in Micronesia. The Air Niugini plane overshot the runaway and went straight into the water lagoon. All the 36 passengers and crew members are safe and have been rescued from the partially submerged plane. The Boeing 737-800 connects Chuuk in the Federated States of Micronesia to Port Moresby in Papua New Guinea. The incident took place from the Chuuk International Airport on the island of Weno. Jet Airways 9W 0697 Mumbai-Jaipur Flight Turned Back as 30 Passengers Experience Nose And Ear Bleeding; Here's Why (Watch Video).

The plane was coming from Pohnpei and was supposed to head ahead to Port Moresby. Jimmy Emilio, the airport manager was quoted to The Pacific Daily News, "the plane landed in the lagoon instead of on the runway at about 9:30 a.m. Friday (7:30 p.m. ET Thursday). It ended up about 160 yards from the runway." No one of the passengers or the crew was hurt. The rescue video of the passengers has been posted on social media.

Watch the Video of the Passengers Being Rescued From the Water Lagoon

There were a dozen boats gathered around the wreckage to rescue people and surprisingly no one was hurt. There were 11 crew members. Air Niugini happens to be PNG's national airline so it is a reliable option. The aircraft apparently was first operated by Jet Airways and Air India Express. The same aircraft was also involved in a collision at Port Moresby in May.

John Merelli, an owner of the hotel nearby the lagoon heard the noise of the plane but he thought it was just a normal landing. He was quoted to the Guardian, "Then I went back to my workplace and somebody told me, and I looked from the rooftop and the plane was starting to go underwater. It was sinking. It’s under water now." The rescuers were quick to take action and thus there was no injury.