Imran Khan's Blooper in Iran: Pakistan PM Draws Ridicule For 'Japan-Germany Border' Remark; Watch Video
Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan | File Image | (Photo Credits: Getty Images)

Tehran, April 23: In a major embarrassment, Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan committed a noticeable blooper during his joint press conference with Iran President Hassan Rouhani. Starting the first day of his official visit on a wrong foot, Khan drew massive ridicule for his "Japan-Germany' border remark.

Khan, while pitching for smooth border ties between Iran and Pakistan, said the two nations should learn from Germany and Japan who developed "joint industries at border regions". His statement immediately left the gathering puzzled as Germany and Japan are located thousands of miles away. 'Imran Khan The World's Highest Paid Chauffeur?' Twitter Trolls Pakistan PM as He Drives Saudi Crown Prince Salman in Islamabad

While Germany is part of the central Europe, Japan stands way far away as an island country in the Pacific Ocean.

Watch Video of Imran Khan's Geographical Faux Pas in Iran:

Khan's blooper drew flak back at home, with trolls having a field day on Twitter. Apart from the regular microbloggers, those who lambasted the Pakistan PM included the country's prime opposition leader, Bilawal Bhutto Zardari.

"Our Prime Minister thinks that Germany & Japan share a border. How embarrassing, this is what happenes when you @UniofOxford let people in just because they can play cricket (sic)," the Pakistan People's Party leader said.

Khan's reference to Japan, in all likelihood, could be an accidental reference in place of France. What the Pakistan PM was actually trying to recall was the treaty of friendship signed between Germany and France post the Second World War, when they agreed to develop joint industrial and military complex in the bordering regions.