Indonesian Muslims Protest Burning of Islamic Flag
Indonesian Muslims Protest Burning of Islamic Flag. (Photo Credit: Twitter)

Jakarta, November 2: Thousands of conservative Muslims are protesting in the Indonesian capital after a flag linked to a banned Islamic organisation was burned by members of a rival group. Waving black flags bearing the Islamic declaration of faith, several thousand demonstrators, many wearing white Islamic robes, filled a major thoroughfare in Jakarta after Friday prayers.

Video last month of members of a mainstream Muslim organisation's militia burning the Hizbut Tahrir flag has sparked allegations of blasphemy because the flag is emblazoned with the Islamic declaration of faith. Hizbut Tahrir, which seeks a global caliphate, has been banned by the Indonesian government. Indonesia Plane Crash: Black Box of Crashed Lion Air Jet Recovered by Divers.

Indonesia's moderate reputation was undermined last year when Jakarta's minority Christian governor was imprisoned for blasphemy following street protests against him that drew hundreds of thousands.