'Iranian Weapons Site in Syria Was Targeted in Weekend Strikes', Confirms Israel PM Benjamin Netanyahu
File image of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu | (Photo Credits: PTI)

Tel Aviv, January 13: Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Sunday said that his forces targeted the site of Iranian weapons pile in Syria during the weekend air strikes. His "confirmation" came ahead of the start of a crucial Cabinet meeting in Jerusalem, where he promised to annihilate Tehran if it dares to threaten the safety and existence of the Zionist nation.

"Just in the last 36 hours the air force attacked Iranian warehouses containing Iranian weapons in the Damascus international airport," Netanyahu was quoted as saying. His remarks, however, were partially contradicted by Syria's official news agency, SANA, which claimed that barring one all Israeli missiles were successfully intercepted. French President Emmanuel Macron Criticises Donald Trump’s Decision of Withdrawing Troops From Syria.

Quoting a top military source, SANA reported that only one Ministry of Transport warehouse was struck in the air raids by Israel.

Netanyahu, however, boasted on how his aggressive military policy has kept Iran and Syria on the edge. The Prime Minister claimed that during the past seven years, he has carried out thousands of such strikes in Damascus, aimed at preventing the Iranian forces from using Syria as a base for its anti-Israel programme.

Israel, as of late, has begun publicising its military activities in the Middle East -- which until the recent past used to remain covert.

While Netanyahu is expected to be boasting his "strongman" persona ahead of the upcoming general elections on April 9, geopolitical observers were left surprised when the outgoing military chief Gadi Eisenkot shared unprecedented details of Israel's campaign against Syria, Iran and Hezbollah, ever since the campaign to remove Bashar al-Assad was initiated by the West.