Kichijoi Town in Japan is Named After Indian Goddess Lakshmi Reveals Consul General of The Land of Rising Sun
Japanese town has been named after Goddess Lakshmi (Photo credits: Wikimedia Commons)

Indians boast of having a rich cultural diversity and unity among all the religions followed by people throughout the country. Our religious diversity has found its base in Japan as well. One of the towns in Japan is named after Goddess Lakshmi. The Consul General of Japan, Takayuki Kitagawa informed that the town on Kichijoji gets its name after the Hindu goddess. The town is near the capital city of Tokyo.

The word Kichijoji itself means Lakshmi temple in Japanese. While most people may find a lot of differences between the culture of these two countries, a lot many words in the Japanese language, also find their origin in Sanskrit. Kitagawa was present at the graduation day of students at Dayanand Sagar in Bengaluru. He gave wonderful insights into the culture of the Land of Rising Sun. To quote Kitagawa, "For instance, Japanese dish sushi is made of rice and vinegar. Sushi is also associated with shari, which is from Sanskrit word ‘zaali’, meaning rice." Sushi is the staple food in the country which gets its name from Sanskrit word. There are almost 500 more words whose origin can be linked to the Indian languages of Sanskrit and Tamil. This Cafe in Tokyo Allows You to Sip Coffee With Snakes, View Pics! 

It is interesting to note how our multi-lingual culture has influenced someone else's. Coming to worshipping Gods the Consul also said that there are several Hindu Gods who are prayed and respected in Japan. Many temples in Japan are dedicated to Hindu gods. The visit of Consul General proved fruitful for the students as the educational institution signed an agreement with the Japanese government so the students can be trained in their institutions.