Mumbai, May 26: In a shocking incident that took place in Russia, a soldier who fought for Russian President Vladimir Putin in Ukraine allegedly raped two schoolgirls after he returned home from his military service. Police officials said that the suspected paedophile aged 42 also threatened the victims that he would blow them up with a grenade if they did not submit to him. The two schoolgirls are said to be aged 10 and 12.

The incident comes amid the rising conflict between Russia and Ukraine as the war continues. As per a report in Mirror.Co.UK, the suspect is said to have approached the minor girls near their school in Novosibirsk. Officials said that the suspect who was wearing the Wagenr army's uniform allegedly forced both the girls behind the garages near their school where he sexually attacked them. Vladimir Putin Signed Decree To Grant 'Quick' Citizenship to Foreign Nationals Who Will Fight for Russia Against Ukraine, Says Report.

After being sexually assaulted, the girls narrated their ordeal to their parents and also informed them that the accused was donning a military uniform which had insignia matching that of the Wagner private military company. The alleged accused is said to have been identified as Sergei. He was arrested and brought handcuffed to the police station for interrogation.

The accused is said to have confessed to his crime. As per reports, many recruits who were recruited by Wager to fight for Russia against Ukraine were convicts serving in jail. They were reportedly freed from jails across Russia in order to fight against Ukraine. Reports also suggest that Russian President Vladimir Putin promised to pardon and free them after they serve at least six months at the front. Russian President Vladimir Putin Adds British Prosecutor Karim Khan on 'Wanted List' Two Months After ICC's Arrest Warrant Against Him.

If convicted, the alleged suspect will face 15 and 20 years in prison for raping the two minor girls. At present, he has been remanded in custody for two months.

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