UK Grooming-Gang Horror: Jailed Rapist Allowed to See 15-Year-Old Victim's Child, Activists Criticise Move
Representational Image | (Photo Credits: Eric Ward/Unsplash)

A jailed man who raped and made his victim pregnant at the age of 15, was allowed to see the child of his victim, sparking a huge outrage in public circles in England and among the activists fighting against sex abuse. The convict was a part of a grooming gang, made up of men of Pakistani origin who used to assault young girls, said a report in The Times. 

The victim was quoted by The Times saying that she was "gobsmacked" by the decision taken by the council workers in Northern England.

Not only that, reports say that local authorities also told the man to be involved in the upbringing of the child, something that the victims strongly disapproves.

Activists and campaigners from Northern England have said that the council's advice to the jailed man that his family could apply for the custody of the child and he allowed to visit the child can put the victim in 'trauma' again.

The Ministry of Justice is now investigating as to how was the rapist was listed as a 'respondent' in the case and trying to find if it's an error on the part of the system responsible. Meanwhile, public groups continue to oppose and have said that a rapist should not be allowed to father the child of his victim as it can one again bring the trauma of the victim alive.