Gorakhpur, May 7 (PTI) Union Minister of State for Health and Family Welfare Anupriya Patel today demanded 50 per cent presence of the people belonging to scheduled castes and other backward castes in the administration.

At a meeting held in neighbouring Siddharthanagar district, Anupriya Patel said, "Babasaheb Ambedkar showed us the way of equality in society. And to ensure equality in society, we demand that 50 per cent officers at police stations be from the SC/ST or OBC categories. Also, every district should have an SC/ST or OBC superintendent of police or district magistrate."

She added, "It was the dream of Sonelal Patel to strengthen Dalits and OBCs. We need to run a campaign in the entire state and make his dreams come true. Today, the Apna Dal (Sonelal) is not only talking about Dalits, but also fighting for their cause."

Sonelal Patel was the father of Anupriya Patel and the founder of the Apna Dal.

Emphasising on the importance of votes, she said, "Votes are important so don't waste your votes. Cast your vote in the favour of the party which not only talks about you, but also works for you."

"We have supported the NDA and our support will continue," she said.

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