Brasilia, Jan 3 (AFP) Brazil President Jair Bolsonaro says he is suffering from a hernia, apparently as a result of being stabbed in the stomach in 2018, local media reported on Friday.

"I'm pregnant," the far-right leader joked with journalists at a hospital in Brasilia on Thursday night.

"There's a protraction, and maybe in February I'll have a health check."

Bolsonaro was stabbed in the stomach by a suspected radical leftist during a campaign rally in September 2018, before he was elected president.

He underwent four operations on his stomach, the most recent last September.

Economics newspaper Valor said Bolsonaro would undergo medical checks after returning from a trip to India -- he's been invited to the Asian country's January 26 Republic Day celebrations.

Bolsonaro was visiting his 37-year-old wife Michelle at the hospital, where she was undergoing cosmetic surgery, weekly news magazine Istoe said.

"It's the age. I'm 64, there were four operations in which they opened up the whole abdomen. Twice, they took out everything (his intestines). It was extremely serious."

Surgeon Regis Ramos, who operated on the first lady, said Bolsonaro had suffered a lateral hernia that caused "occasional discomfort".

The president has had several health issues since assuming office. He was hospitalized on December 23 after a fall at his residence in which he later said he'd temporarily lost his memory.

He also expressed concerns about "a possible skin cancer", but a biopsy came back negative. (AFP)

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