New Delhi, October 14: The annual rate of inflation based on the monthly wholesale price index (WPI) has declined to 10.66 per cent in September from the previous month's 11.39 per cent, government data showed on Thursday.

However, WPI in the month of September on a year-on-year (y-o-y) basis has escalated due to the rise in prices of mineral oils, basic metals, non-food articles, food products, crude petroleum and natural gas and chemicals and chemical products as compared to the corresponding month of the previous year.

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In September last year, the WPI inflation was 1.32 per cent. Fuel and power prices declined to 24.81 per cent in September 2021 compared with 26.09 per cent in August.

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Meanwhile, manufactured product prices rose to 11.41 per cent compared with 11.39 per cent in the previous month.

"The Food Index consisting of food articles from primary articles group and 'Food Product' from manufactured products group have increased from 159.6 in August 2021 to 159.8 in September 2021. The rate of inflation based on the WPI Food Index decreased from 3.43 per cent in August 2021 to 1.14 per cent in September 2021," the Ministry of Commerce and Industry said in a statement.

In vegetables, the inflation was minus 32.45 per cent. Inflation in crude petroleum and natural gas was 43.92 per cent.

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