Puducherry, Aug 2 (PTI) Puducherry Chief Minister V Narayanasamy on Sunday termed the new National Education Policy 2020 (NEP) announced by the Centre as "chaotic" and said it has several unanswered questions.

He claimed that the policy has no specific and clear direction on promoting employment and has also not clarified whether the financial responsibility to implement it would fall on the State governments.

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Furthermore, the NEP is seeking to impose Hindi on non Hindi speaking States.

Brushing aside the policy as 'unacceptable' for the union territory, the CM said, "What is relevant for northern States cannot be taken as suitable for the southern states."

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Puducherry had already established itself as a hub of education development.

Charging the Centre with seeking to "impose" Sanskrit through NEP, he also said it was fomenting 'confusion'.

Narayanasamy said that his government would soon enlist the views of all sections and would hold a meeting with the Ministers, legislators and academics to register their opinion on the NEP.

A detailed report would also be prepared on the stand of the territorial government on NEP,which would be sent to the Centre.

"Puducherry has five languages recognised as official languagues-Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, French and English.

This was in line with the geographical locations of the regions-Puducherry, Karaikal, Mahe and Yanam-constituting the Union Territory besides adopting English," he said.

Narayanasamy contended that any Education Policy of the Centre should be in compliance with the development of the States and should not be 'lop sided'.

The central government had on Wednesday unveiled NEP 2020.

Teaching up to class 5 in mother tongue or regional language, lowering the stakes of board exams, a single regulator for higher education institutions except for law and medical colleges are part of the sweeping reforms in the policy.

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