Jaipur, May 4 (PTI) The Rajasthan government has made 16 more tankers available for oxygen transportation and is also procuring oxygen concentrators to tackle the COVID-19 pandemic, Chief Secretary Niranjan Arya said on Tuesday.

He said the number of tankers for transporting oxygen has increased from 22 to 38 and the supply of oxygen concentrators has also started now.

Arya was reviewing the status of oxygen concentrators, oxygen tankers and oxygen distribution in the state with officials through video-conferencing at the Secretariat here.

He said the Centre is also expected to increase Rajasthan's oxygen quota very soon. The Union home secretary has assured the state of additional oxygen allocation and tankers from Gujarat's Jamnagar, Arya added.

He said a plant with a capacity of 12,000 oxygen cylinders in Dariba is likely to be operational by Friday.

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