Kolkata, March 18: ISF MLA Nawsad Siddique was attacked in Kolkata while he was addressing a programme, police said. Siddique was addressing the protesting state government employees, who are demanding a hike in their dearness allowance, in the Maidan area when the incident happened, they said.

As Siddique was ending his speech, a man suddenly got up on the dais and asked him what he has done for the minorities. In reply, the MLA said he does not do anything specifically for any community, but soon the man raised his hand and tried to slap him, but ended up pushing Siddique. West Bengal Police Arrests BJP Leader Jitendra Tiwari from UP.

People present at the spot, who were stunned by the sequence of events, soon overpowered the man, landing him a few punches. Siddiqui, who was on the mic, was heard saying, "Don't do anything to him, please be calm. This is a drama. Let the police take him away."

Video of Attack:

Siddique, a strong critique of the Mamata Banerjee government, was recently released on bail after being arrested during a protest rally in the city in January.

The man who allegedly attacked Siddiqui was identified as a resident of Bankra in Howrah district. He was arrested after being rescued by the police, officials said. It is being ascertained whether he had other intentions, they said.

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