New Delhi, August 19: Google on Wednesday said it is bringing its 'Kormo Jobs' Android app to India to help job seekers find and apply for positions across India.

The tech giant, which introduced 'Jobs' last year in India as part of Google Pay to connect job seekers with opportunities in industries like on-demand businesses, retail and hospitality, said the offering will be rebranded to 'Kormo Jobs'. Google Maps to Roll Out More Visual Appeal with Colourful Update: Report.

Google Regional Manager and Operations Lead (Kormo Jobs) Bickey Russell said Jobs was originally piloted in Bangladesh (in 2018) and subsequently launched in Indonesia, under the brand Kormo Jobs. Last year, Google also made available a similar offering in India under the brand 'Jobs as a Spot' on Google Pay app.

Companies like Zomato and Dunzo have found candidates with the required skills, experience and location preferences using the service, with over two million verified jobs posted on the platform, he said in a blogpost.

"Encouraged by this momentum and to lend support to employment efforts in a post-pandemic world, we are bringing our Kormo Jobs Android app to India to help even more job seekers discover and apply for jobs across India with an additional gateway," he said. Russell added that simultaneously, the Jobs Spot on Google Pay will be rebranded to Kormo Jobs to create a consistent experience for users.

"We will continue to invest in it with new features and jobs so that its users can continue to benefit from its convenience," he said. Russell noted that in the wake of the pandemic, the jobs landscape stands altered with demand shifting to new services that require different sets of skills and experience. Google Maps Now Compatible With Apple CarPlay Dashboard & Apple Watch: Report

Businesses of all sizes face the challenges of the new normal, while job seekers are having to adapt to this shift quickly, he said adding that the company has been able to play a helpful role in facilitating connections.

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