A few years back, owning a car was a sign of prosperity and a luxurious life. At that time much importance was not given to the car detailing services due to the triviality of car detailing back then. But now the whole scenario has been changed and people are considering the neatness of one’s car as the reflection of one’s discipline, diligence, and care. Also, these days maintenance of cars is quite imperative as the interiors and exteriors of cars are quite complex and demands special care to have a smooth and effective functioning.

Devang Kirit Bhai Thacker is one such revolutionary mind who is introducing extraordinary car detailing services to the customers. With his strong personality and persistent efforts, the founder has established his foothold in the automobile industry and is inspiring emerging leaders to build their repute in the respective domain. Under the guidance of Devang Kirit Bhai Thacker, the firm is flourishing with unique and eco-friendly solutions that offer a more perfect factory match shine to your cars.

Sharing about his successful entrepreneurial journey the founder says, “I believe that for any individual to succeed he must have a sheer purpose and pure intention towards his goal. My main purpose behind launching the firm ‘CARGLOSS’ is to provide exemplary car detailing services that no other firm has introduced yet. Many people are thriving hard to succeed in the entrepreneurial world but there are only a few who can make their name in the industry. I am fortunate to have the opportunities that I came across while working towards my goal and I further promise to put my best foot forward to bring results that help the people with their car-related problems”.

The founder established his firm ‘CARGLOSS’ on 1st September 2019 to provide nanoceramic coating services and the grandest protective ceramic coating to all types of cars and motorbikes which further offers long-lasting excellent results. The ceramic coating performs wonderfully on both old and new vehicles, restoring their luster.

With their effective technology, the firm is providing an eco-friendly alternative to give the vehicles a more perfect factory-match shine. The founder has already registered a GST number and has got CARGLOSS trademarked. With the leader's industrious attempts the company ‘CARGLOSS’ is booming high and making a mark in several areas like Mandvi, Anjar, Mundra, Gandhidham, and many more to solve their car renting problems.