Just like an automobile needs fuel to work, humans need the energy to function. The energy we need comes from food as it plays a pivotal role in the development of a human body. The food we eat provides a wide range of nutrients - micronutrients and macronutrients. All it matters is to have the right kind of nutrition in the diet, and Ray Wetterlund III has been frequently urging people to eat right along with having the right workout regime. Ray is a celebrity fitness trainer hailing from San Diego, and in the last few years, he is shaping up people’s lives with unique and customized diet and workout plans.

The fitness expert shares the food which we must consume to live a healthy life. “When we speak about macronutrients, it contains carbohydrates, fats and protein, whereas micronutrients comprise smaller nutritional categories like vitamins and minerals. Both the foods are equally important for the right functioning of the body”, says Ray. While protein is a popular macronutrient as it helps in increasing muscle mass, fat is the least consumed macronutrient as people have a notion of gaining weight. However, people generally consume protein and carbs at the same proportion and ignore fats in their diet.

On the contrary, Ray says that fats give more energy to the human body than protein and carbs. “Protein helps in the repairing of muscles, but fats give your body the energy to workout”, added the trainer. According to the research, healthy fats are essential for health as it balances the hormone levels and blood glucose levels in the human body. Furthermore, the fitness trainer emphasizes consuming good fats over bad fats. "With good fats, you can have butter, extra virgin olive oil, dairy products and avocados. Bad fats like burgers, fries, vegetable oils and other oily food items must be avoided as it might encourage cardiovascular diseases in future”, shares Ray.

The fitness expert has a degree in Kinesiology and is a licensed and certified personal trainer, strength and conditioning coach (CSCS) and a sports nutritionist. Along with a proper diet, Ray has been transforming people’s lives through his exclusive workout regimes. His award-winning 1000+ calorie-burning RW3 Boot Camp is one of its kind which has brought a positive impact on people’s lives. Ray Wetterlund III who has a family of millions on social media will soon come up with various other boot camps and workout plans. Well, this revelation of including good fats in the everyday diet is something which was not known to many, and Ray is hopeful that his effort to promote a healthy lifestyle reaches maximum people.