The World is experiencing a drastic change in our economy and major industries have came to a standstill position. Keeping aside the financial crisis, few people haven’t lost all hope nor hit the ground running despite various difficulties.

Upcoming, Entrepreneur Jazzy Tuteja is certainly amongst the few personalities who have stayed optimistic even during this pandemic. Based in Atlanta, Jazzy is the owner of two most promising ventures named J & J Media and J & J Exotic Car Rentals.

Jazzy Tuteja is a self-made entrepreneur who started his career right from scratch. His love & passion for cars while having wide knowledge in media pushed him enough to start his ventures that he plans to expand in this coming time.

Though the COVID crisis affected everybody and put some hurdles along the way for Jazzy, the serial entrepreneur remains rock solid and has went on to touch new heights with his sheer dedication and hard work.

Talking about the entire situation in detail, Jazzy shares, “COVID has slowed down the whole population, therefore, rentals being slower for a period however at same capacity Atlanta staying open gave opportunities for tourists to come in. COVID has just made it harder mainly for in-person meetings. But many people during this pandemic are realizing that ‘People do not stop for billboards, but everyone stops for a good story’. Brand name is constantly growing along with well known partnered influencers on the team”.

Born and brought up in Atlanta, Jazzy is a graduate from Auburn University. His visionary mind and ability to adapt the constant changes around the globe has made him one of the favourable businessmen in Georgia.

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