Thanks to the newly launched Luma Carea Vests and Winter Coats, people who spend tons of time outdoors working or having fun during winter will no longer freeze out in the cold with Luma’s innovative thermal vest.

The products can be purchased through the company's shopping mall, or on its official Web site or large Korean shopping mall

These days, everyone carries a cell phone or car key in general, but there is no suitable place to store them. So, With the recently released LUMA VEST, it is possible to store heavy belongings in their pockets.

Particularly, golfers carry mobile phones, golf balls, tees, and even distance measuring telescopes with them when they are playing outdoor, and they often wear cell phone pouches, golf ball pouches, and telescope pouches to wear around their waist. During the cold weather they also carry a hot pack.

LUMA VEST can store all of these easily.

Pocket weighed with cell phones, car keys, golf balls, and hot packs (left)

with the storage feature of the vest, from the appearance it looks like natural(right) and it does not interrupt anu movement. (right)

If it's cold, most people carry hot packs in their hands.

if you put the hotpack with the ball, placing closer to body on the front pocket of the vest, not only the ball will be warm, but also your stomach will get warm and your hands will get warm if you put them on the pockets.

  A heating position on the Luma vest

An electric vest that uses a storage pouch or heating element is called thermal clothing.

The most important thing about heat clothing is that it sticks to the body.

It is registered as a patent in the United States.

The LUMACAREA vest is not only available during leisure time. The LUMA VEST has been designed to provide military personnel, security patrols, police, and other specialized professionals working outdoors.

so, I recommend a vest or winter coat.

You can wear the vest on long outdoor activities, such as hiking, travelling, fishing camping security, etc.., with the jumpers which are worn for hiking clothes and fishing clothes and fishing clothes.

It is normally used as a general heating vest but you can use the storage and heating function according to the needs.

Since most countries in Europe and North America are mostly cold, ultimately the LUMACAREA’ storage thermal suit plays the most important part in the world.

It will help many people all over the world not only for almost all seasons.

To make a purchase, you can visit the company's official website and check it out.

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