Monster Cube, the parent company of Bitberry Wallet announced the launch of Bitberry Finance and BitberryDex. Bitberry Wallet is the number one cryptocurrency wallet service in South Korea, launched Bitberry Finance ( and their decentralized exchange 'BitberryDex' on 28 February 2021. BitberryDex aims to be the world’s first DeFi model with referral structure.

“We would like to congratulate the team for their hard work and meeting the timeline to launch both service in time before March 2021. This marks a new era for Bitberry and its offering to the South Korea market.” Jaebeom Yoo, CEO of Monster Cube explained to reporter at

Monster Cube is also a known in the South Korea Market that have acquired 'Syrup Table', a restaurant recommendation service from SK Planet in 2015 and subsequently launched it on to the Bitberry wallet’s token reward system in January 2020. In February 2020, with the aim to complete the ecosystem and enhance the overall user experience, Monster cube signed a merger and acquisition contract with Root One Soft to introduce its sub brand Bitberry into the Monster Cube network.

Because of this acquisition, Bitberry canceled its original plan to shut down its services. The company decided to continue their payment and wallet platform service. They have also plans to expand the business further, Bitberry Finance and BitberryDex was part of their roadmap back then.

Jaebeom Yoo said "The acquisition of Bitberry has spurred us to work harder to expand our platform. Apart from introducing the new products, we have continued to increase security of the crypto assets on our platforms and also trying to expand our business offerings to South East Asia.”

Monster Cube will continue to integrate more services into Bitberry Finance and Bitberry Wallet, and deliver more quality DeFi products to the community.