Eyelashes are such an important facet in confidence and makeup routines for so many people, yet often commercial lashes neglect the requirements of customers in the form of uncomfortable styles, lashes that don’t fit a range of eyes, and lacking longevity, making them expensive and wasteful. Makeup artist and entrepreneur Amber Niko has experienced all these problems as an experienced lash wearer herself and decided to make a change. In 2019, she founded Lashed forever to help her customers and clients experience high quality 3D lashes that are all-inclusive and accessible.

When Amber purchased lashes prior to founding the company, she realized that products tended to be incredibly low quality and could not be reused or out of budget, leaving her to question “where was the in between?”. Lashed Forever lashes are made with a durable cotton band, making them reusable up to 25 times. This decreases waste the amount of lashes a person has to buy and is financially a fantastic option with the durable product being sold at half the price of competing brands. Inexpensive options only scrape the surface of the inclusivity of Lashed Forever, with the company catering to all eye shapes. The lashes are handmade to the highest quality and can be manoeuvred to look perfect on people of all races, ages and genders, including sunken and hooded eyes so that all people can feel confident in lashes.

In 2019, Lashed forever released 10 unique lash styles, 5 in 3D mink and 5 in faux mink that can be accessed on the company website to adhere to people of all styles and has since finessed their lashes for both natural and dramatic looks for daytime and nighttime. The more subtle lashes are perfect for beginners and people starting out in expressing themselves through makeup. As the products are long lasting, lightweight and reusable, customers can continue to feel their best in the lashes for as long as possible after purchase. Amber's passion to include all people with the same love for beauty creates a community of followers and clients, who oftentimes repurchase lashes from the company due to the range of styles and how fitting they can be for everyone.

Amber’s notoriety in the makeup community has also increased from the insane celebrity and media presence of her lashes and through her high-profile collaborators, including Ronald Watkins, Kendell Dempster, and Lead Head Makeup Artist Caroline Blanchard for Bravo TV’s “Watch What Happens Live” with Andy Cohen. She has worked with a plethora of talented makeup artists including Amy Wade, Yelissa Fernandez, Davey Cook and Kristen C Artistry. Additionally, Lashed Forever’s media presence brags the Love and Hip Hop Miami series, Cartel crew and cast members, Bravo TV’s Housewives and ABC7 news where the lashes are flaunted by makeup crews and the stars involved in television. Celebrities have also been known to wear Amber’s lashes such as singer-songwriter Kehlani and Actress Ajiona Alexus, with many more joining the Lashed Forever community this year.

As accessibility of the company grows, so does the client base and the amount of people able to enjoy luxury reusable lashes, which is why Amber has launched her company online through social media. Lashed Forever has its own social media accounts for inquiries, purchases, and details on products, including a company website, Instagram account, Facebook page and a twitter account. Ambers’s personal Instagram account is also a great source for her looks and personal goals for the company.

Amber created Lashed Forever to help customers feel and look beautiful with extraordinary products that are not only less wasteful and expensive than others on the market, but are sold by a brand with the right values at heart.