Crypto is the present and future, and many bright minds have figured this out. One such person is Sheldon Evans, a professional photographer and entrepreneur. Evans is also a popular YouTuber known for sharing deep insights on everything happening in the cryptocurrency and finance sector. The world has known him as a crypto expert since 2016. His videos are informative, interesting, and easy to understand.

Sheldon Evans' popularity as a crypto YouTuber grew a lot in the past few months. He's been handling various projects and explaining some specific upgrades or changes taking place in the crypto world. That's also the reason why he has a massive following of more than 733k subscribers. Among his multiple projects, 'Your Mom’s House NFT' is one project he's currently handling.

In his YouTube video titled 'The Metaverse Will Make Crypto Millionaires | Get Rich With Crypto', Sheldon Evans has talked in detail about 'Your Mom's House NFT' and how the metaverse will help one become wealthy with crypto. The project is an NFT crypto collective club of like-minded individuals who share a love for blockchain, crypto and NFTs. Their first NFT project under 'Your Mom's House' is Nostalgia.

On the official website, about Nostalgia, it's mentioned, "Nostalgia is the first NFT project by 'Your Mom's House'. The 10,000 Tokens minted on the Ethereum Blockchain serve as an Exclusive Community Access Pass+ additional utility outlined below." When asked what Nostalgia would look like, the team explains on the website, "Juice Box, Teddy, Water Pistol, Mom's Boy, and Sneaker are the five Nostalgia NFTs. Each one serves the same purpose, but with a different aesthetic. On mint, your Nostalgia NFT is chosen at random. If you wish to own a certain piece of art, you'll have to buy it on the secondary market."

The core team includes Sheldon along with Brand builder Pedram Ghozat and SRB as Lead Developer. So far, 8 people are working on Evans' big NFT project. To know more about Evans' project and learn everything about crypto, check out his YouTube video.