Bigg Boss Marathi: Rajesh Shrinagrpure's Wife Leaves Home As She Is Not Happy With Husband? Truth Revealed!
Bigg Boss Marathi contestant Rajesh Shringarpure continues to be news! (Image Credit: Cineyug Marathi)

Rajesh Shringarpurpure might have been evicted from Bigg Boss Marathi house, but he continues to be in the news for all the...errr inappropriate reasons. His 'equation' with Resham Tipnis in the house did not go down well with the audience. From sharing the bed to warming up comforters--together--everything was discussed and dissed by the viewers as indeed by the inmates in the house.

Rajesh had to leave the house as the cultured Marathi households did not approve of Shrinagrpure's questionable behaviour, and the hoopla it created. Right after his eviction, there was tremendous curiosity about how would his better half react to the whole situation. “I am staying at my home and I am very much happy with my husband and two kids. There are no problems in my life,” said Rajesh's wife Dimple in her interaction with Times Of India. She apparently showed no qualms in saying that all is fine between Rajesh and her.

It was also suggested that Rajesh's wife had left her house to stay with her sister as she was not happy with the way the whole drama unfolded on the small screen. It is now clear that these are baseless rumours, reports suggest. Resham too has a similar stance on the whole issue. She is a single mother with two children from her ex-husband. Tipnis also maintained that whatever has happened in the house is not going to affect her kids, as the bonding and the trust she shows with her little ones is unquestionable.

Both Rajesh and Resham were seen blowing out kisses at each other while parting. They even professed their love for each other, quite openly. Now it remains to be seen if they take their equation to the next level once Resham is out of the Bigg Boss Marathi!