Deepika Padukone is Safe! Actress Asks to Pray for the Fire Fighters at BeauMonde Towers in Prabhadevi
Deepika Padukone. (Photo Credits: Twitter)

The netizens woke up to an unfortunate news of massive fire in a building at Prabhadevi, Mumbai. Incidentally, Bollywood actress Deepika Padukone too has her apartment in the same tower named as BeauMonde towers. Several residents living in the building were rescued at the right time and the fire fighters are still working on it. After receiving the messages of fans, filled with concern, Deepika tweeted about her safety. DP wrote, "I am safe.Thank You everyone. Let us pray for our firefighters who are at site risking their lives."

There are no reports on whether the Padmaavat actress was still in the building when this huge fire broke out. Although, no causalities have been reported, 95 residents from the building were rescued by the fire fighters. Here is the video of the incident that's going viral on the internet.

Also, according to the reports, the fire was said to be a 'level 2' fire. To get the situation under the control, six fire engines, five jumbo tankers and an ambulance were assigned. However, as the dimpled actress said, the timely help of the fire fighters have saved the situation from being fatal. It is very thoughtful of the actress that she decided to inform her fans about her safety and pray for the fire fighters even during this testing time.