Kangana Ranaut Gets Banned by Media! Entertainment Journalists' Guild of India Take this Harsh Step After Her Recent Spat with a Reporter
Kangana Ranaut (Photo credits: Twitter @TeamKanganaRanautOfficial)

Kangana Ranaut seems to be in deep trouble after Entertainment Journalists' Guild of India decides to ban her completely. The decision was taken after a special committee was formed to understand the gravity of this situation. The entire controversy started during the song launch event of Judgemental Hai Kya when Kangana 'intimidated' a journalist. Media fraternity believes her reaction was uncalled for and the reporter was merely doing his job. Kangana Ranaut Gets Into an Ugly Spat With Journalist at Judgemental Hai Kya Press Conference.

During the Q n A segment when a reporter tried to ask her a different question, she snapped at him even before he could complete his question. There was an outrage over this at the event which further resulted in her having a verbal spat with the media personnel. Clearly, her behaviour has miffed the entire media community and they recently had a meeting with producer Ekta Kapoor for the same. During the same meet, they have clarified their stand and demanded a written public apology from the actress for her 'rude' act. Kangana Ranaut's Sister, Rangoli Chandel Says the Actress Will Not Apologise to Media and They Should Instead Be Wary of Her.

While the fraternity has assured that their opposition will not hamper Judgemental Hai Kya in any way whatsoever, they have collectively decided to ban Kangana and all her events. Meanwhile, Rangoli Chandel has firmly denied any apology from Kangana's side and she has instead warned the journalists to be wary of her.