Nana Patekar Finds Some Support in Farmer Widows As They Burn Down Tanushree Dutta’s Posters
Farmer widows burn posters of Tanushree Dutta to support Nana Patekar

Nana Patekar finally finds some support in the entire Tanushree Dutta controversy. The actor who is accused of sexual misconduct by the actress refutes all her allegations and is firm on stating that a 'lie will always be a lie.' While many Bollywood celebs have come forward to voice their support for Tanushree and laud her courage, the actor finally finds some support in the widows of the farmers who committed suicide. Chetan Bhagat Who Earlier Supported Tanushree Dutta Gets Accused of Harassing a Woman; Apologises for His Behaviour.

The actor has started Naam Foundation, that works for the betterment of farmers in the drought-affected areas of Maharashtra. He's quite popular in the rural sectors of our state and many of the farmers' widows from the region of Pandharkaoda have now come out in support for Nana. They believe the actress is unnecessarily defaming Nana. They respect him immensely, as he helps women whose husbands have committed suicide due to the drought crisis that's prominent in our state. Ranveer Singh Condemns The Tanushree Dutta-Nana Patekar Saga, While Deepika Padukone Says #MeToo is Not About Gender But Right Vs Wrong.

The women also burnt photos and effigies of Tanushree to show their support for the actor. A protester told ANI, "Nana Patekar has helped us as a brother and such baseless allegations against him are unacceptable." We bet the actor is quite delighted to find some support in these ladies. Meanwhile, he's gearing up to address the entire media in a press conference that his team has organised tomorrow. Nana is expected to reveal his side of the story and answer all the allegations put on him by Tanushree.