'Khuli si chot lekar, badhi si tees le kar, ahista... ahista, sawaalon ki ungli, jawaabo ki mutthi sang lekar khoon chala' that's how we remember Rang De Basanti! The movie that made us get set to fight for our nation for just causes. This is a line from the song Khoon Chala. That even today makes sense when you remember what happened during the protests against CAA. Those were written by Prasoon Joshi. The man would pluck words from around us, decorate it earnestly with passion and make you feel everything. We still proudly sing the song of RDB...our very own revolution on cinema that's true even today. ‘Haan Ghar Me Rahega Desh’ Prasoon Joshi Pens Poem in Support of COVID-19 Lockdown

Joshi's lyrics remind us of the golden era of music when a lot of emphasis was given on what was said along with composition. Joshi is probably one of the rare few who still believe in the power of words in songs to project your feelings. Every word that he uses binds you, makes you think and relate. In this age of unnecessary raps, distorted remixes and cringe-inducing lyrics, it's such a rarity to find what he writes. So on his birthday, we decided to tell you about 10 of his songs that will make you catch feelings even if you aren't ready for it.

Jeene ke ishare - Phir Mienge

While the composition is sweet, the words are so soothing, happy and positive that you instantly feel refreshed. 'Kuchh Geet Purane Rakhe The Sirhaane

Kuchh Sur Kahin Khoye The Bandish Mil Gaye' ...we are in love again!

Khulke muskurale tu - Phir Milenge

The first line of the song itself will fill you with a lot of strength in spite of your circumstances. It says 'Khulke muskurale tu, dard ko sharmane de'. Time to embarrass the gloom! A song about having faith in the worst situations

Haa maine chookar dekha hai - Black

A blind girl learns about the world. How? 'Haa main chookar dekha hai' that's what the lyrics are. Even if your eyes fail you, you have so much more within you to see and feel.

Acha lagta hai - Aarakshan

A man is admiring his lover... for everything she does, acha lagta hai! Mark the lyrics here...he is complimenting every little thing she does because he is in love with all of her!

Meri maa - Taare Zameen Par

Why this song? Maa in cinema is so important and yet we have such fewer songs on her. This one just breaks us.

Kaise mujhe - Ghajini

A man can't believe his luck that he found such a wonderful person as his lover. 'Kyu pehle naa aayi tum' the remorse of not being with her when he didn't know her is so beautifully penned!

Rehna Tu - Delhi -6

'Rehna tu hai jaisa tu' how often have you heard this? Very rarely and that's why this song is so special. Joshi's words make you feel so wanted!

Khanabadosh - London Dreams

If you ever had a band and musical aspirations, Joshi's words here will give wings to your thoughts. Liberating and such a free-thinker!

Dooriyan - Break Ke Baad

Who would have thought there will be a song for 'I need space'? Joshi pens that and uses words that give this wildly misunderstood sentiment so much credibility.

We are pretty sure we must have missed something really cool written by Joshi. Do let us know which is your favourite poetry of this wordsmith.

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