Singer Papon Accused of Molesting & Kissing Minor Girl, POSCO Filed on The Video Shared by The Voice India Kids Judge
Photo Credits: @paponmusic, Twitter

A police complaint has been filed against singer Papon for sexually molesting a minor on the sets of a singing reality show. A Supreme Court lawyer has also filed a complaint with the National Commission for Protection of Child Rights (POSCO) against Papon for forcibly kissing a minor girl on the reality show, The Voice India Kids. Angarag Papon Mahanta is among the judges on the reality show aired on a national television.

A video uploaded on Papon's official Facebook page shows Papon sitting with the kids celebrating Holi ahead of the festival. While smearing color on each other's face, he comes close to a female contestant and kisses her. The girl is among the contestants on the show that Papon is mentoring. The live video has now gone viral on Facebook angering social media users. Furious netizens can be seen commenting on the video asking it to be taken down immediately.

Here is a grab from the video shared on Facebook by Papon, where he is seen forcibly kissing a minor girl:

Photo Credits: Videograb, Papon Facebook

The complainant Runa Bhuyan said in the complaint, "I am shocked to see the behavior of the said singer Angarag Papon Mahanta towards a minor girl where he is seen to be applying colors on a minor girl and inappropriately kissing the said girl. On seeing the video, I am seriously concerned regarding the safety and security of minor girl participating in reality shows across India."

Here is the complaint filed:

While the video has angered people on social media, Papon's manager told Guwahati Plus that he did not mean to hurt the child and was not wrong. However, the girl in the video is clearly seen as uncomfortable as Papon kisses her.