How Hollywood is hard to break into, even for the brightest star.

As the recent pandemic has forced many of us to diversify, our thoughts turn to those celebrities who regularly visit us in our own homes. Natalia Elenkina is one such celebrity, having grown her brand through the medium of Instagram.

Sitting pretty on her 56 thousand IG followers, Natalia has been elevated from a 9-5 life in Russia to become an international jet setter with a stunning aesthetic and a universal appeal. Natalia has been a model for some years now, but Instagram has skyrocketed her brand and persona to become out of this world… and the big names in fashion are beginning to pay attention.

From Small Town Russia to The Silver Screen

Miss Elenkina is a Russian girl-done-good. She comes from a modest background where her parents did their best and are incredibly proud of the young woman she has become. During her secondary schooling years, Natalia realized that she was different… or rather, people often treated her differently from others.

“Men would talk to me more than my friends. A lot of the girls in high school didn’t like me because the guys did. Looking back, I know that behavior is jealousy. At the time, as a young girl, I used to go home upset and ask my mother why they hate me.”

It’s hard to believe, but being this pretty comes with drawbacks. After leaving high school, Natalia worked a 9-5 job, just like the rest of us. She so happened to put a picture of herself on Instagram one day – and her small world turned upside down.

Overnight, Natalia became an Instagram sensation. With her phone ringing off the hook, she was sure to take advantage of the buzz and repeated her actions, riding the wave to success by posting a series of selfies, all the better than the last. In the end, brands saw her, customers followed her, and Natalia didn’t look back.

Natalia Elenkina in Hollywood???

Spied at the Hollywood sign in a recent Tik Tok video, it became apparent that Natalia Elenkina is heading from our phones to our screens. Making the migration could be precisely what this up-and-coming star needs. In a world where all of us are being forced to retrain, it will be comforting to see the glitterati doing the same.

Natalia herself is biding her silence on all the above. When asked why she was in Hollywood, miss Elenkina simply shrugged and gave us one of her famous winning smiles. We know she has good English skills, and we are sure she heard us. The only other scenario we can envision her not telling us why she is in Hollywood – is if she is in negotiation with a film company. We’re tingling with excitement, desperate to find out.