Exclusive Video! Manish Paul Talks About Salman Khan, Katrina Kaif and His Short Film Black Briefcase!
Man Of Witty Words: Manish Paul (Image Credit: Stock Photos)

Smart, stylish and remarkably spontaneous, Manish Paul is one of the best anchors in Bollywood. Known for his incredible comic timing and hilarious one-liners that can crack even the toughest nut up, Paul has come a long way in his career. After making debut with Micky Virus, Manish is now excited about his forthcoming short film titled Black Briefcase, in which Paul will not be uttering a single word. Yes! This is a silent endeavour.

Well, this must be a tough transition for the 37-year-old anchor/actor who signs on the dotted line for his witty words and for his humour. "That's the thing! This will generate that much needed shock value! (So people will be like: Oh, so Manish is not saying a single line in this one. Wow, this must be different! ) "Plus I will be seen in this dark, intense and grungy avatar for the first time ever," said Manish and added " This is a 15 minuter, so there's no point explaining the narrative for it will shorten the film into just 2 minutes," laughs Manish.


In this exclusive chat with LatestLY, Paul talks about his journey in Bollywood, his much-discussed friendship with Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif. He also tells us if his closeness to Katrina made Bhai upset and how his recently concluded Da Bangg Tour with the superstars has left him beaming with more energy and new-found enthusiasm!