East Meets West! Captain Marvel As Goddess Durga Is the Best Thing You Will See on the Internet Today - Watch Video
Brie Larson's look from Captain Marvel may have been revealed. Picture Courtesy: Twitter

The ones who are unaware about the story of Goddess Durga, it's time we narrate one. According to Hindu mythology, goddess Durga came into existence by merging the strength and blessings of all the other gods. Since the demon king, Mahishasur was unbeatable by either man of God, they decided to create Maa Durga, who was successful in claiming her victory over the demon. And this story bears a strong resemblance to Marvel's superhero, Captain Marvel. Yea, we still have to wait for some more months to see Brie Larson shine in this iconic Marvel movie but before that, it's time we give a round of applause to this new mashup that's gaining popularity on all social media platforms. Captain Marvel Trailer: From Punching an Old Lady to Return of Dead Characters - 11 Intriguing Moments in Brie Larson's Superhero Marvel Film First Promo.

Watch the video below

The video shows Captain Marvel gaining all her combined powers from the Avengers. Thus drawing a parallel to this traditional fable. It's interesting to see how the video maker has conceptualised this entire story and thought of bringing an innovation to the classic devi vandana ‘Mahishasura Mardini’. Captain Mahmaya (Marvel) is born when the Avengers lose their war against Mahishasur (Thanos) and her birth is shown as the key to defeat the evil villain. Captain Marvel First Official Stills OUT! From Brie Larson's Superhero Suit, Kree to Nick Fury With Two Eyes, MCU's Upcoming Film Looks Damn Exciting! View Pics.

Well, we don't know about you folks but this video definitely made our working Saturday look happening. So creative, we must say!