Star Wars actor John Boyega does not know if he will have a career in Hollywood after aggressively speaking up against racism, but he doesn't care. The actor joined protesters in London's Hyde Park to show his support for the Black Lives Matter movement. In a footage captured by the Evening Standard, Boyega is seen delivering a powerful speech, while asserting that he is risking his career by sharing his views, reports "Black lives have always mattered. We have always been important. We have always meant something," said Boyega, adding: "We have always succeeded regardless. And now is the time. I ain't waiting." John Boyega Delivers a Fiery Speech at London Protest Over George Floyd’s Killing (Watch Video)

He continued: "We are a physical representation of our support for George Floyd. We are a physical representation of our support for Sandra Bland. We are a physical representation of our support for Trayvon Martin. We are a physical representation of our support for Stephen Lawrence." "They want us to mess up, they want us to be disorganised," said Boyega, urging fans to remain peaceful. George Floyd Death: Dwayne Johnson Supports Black Lives Matter Movement, Questions Donald Trump’s Lack of Leadership (Watch Video)

"Look, I don't know if I'm going to have a career after this, but f**k that," he said, while added: "Today is about innocent people who were halfway through their process. We don't know what George Floyd could have achieved, we don't know what Sandra Bland could have achieved, but today we're going to make sure that won't be an alien thought to our young ones."

After his passionate speech, Hollywood stars rose in support for Boyega. Filmmaker JJ Abrams wrote on Twitter: ""You KNOW that as long as I'm allowed to keep working, I'll always be begging to work with you. Deep respect and love, my friend." The official "Star Wars" account also stood up for the actor, who played Finn in three "Star Wars" films.

Star Wars Official Page Responds to John Boyega's Protest Participation

JJ Abrams Says He Will Always Be There For The Star Wars Actor

"We stand with and support you, @JohnBoyega," "Star Wars" tweeted on behalf of LucasFilm. His co-star in the franchise, Mark Hamill, wrote: "Never been more proud of you, John." "Star Wars: The Last Jedi" director Rian Johnson wrote, "Love this man". "Black Mirror" creator Charlie Brooker wrote: "I would crawl through a barrel of broken glass to have John Boyega even so much as *glance* at one of my scripts", and Oscar-winning director Jordan Peele wrote: "We got you, John".

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