JoJo Siwa’s Makeup Contains Cancer-Causing Asbestos, Says FDA; Actress and Singer Comes Clean About Accusation
JoJo Siwa (Photo Credit: Instagram/itsjojosiwa )

Youtuber and global tween sensation, JoJo Siwa was recently in hot water over her collab with Claire’s makeup. JoJo released a video on her youtube channel addressing the presence of asbestos in her claire’s makeup kit. The kit was found containing asbestos by the FDA and was recalled on June 6. The Dance Moms star has finally released her side and explained the situation to her fans.

On June 6, the US Food and Drug Administration released a tweet, warning people about the claire’s makeup kit with JoJo Siwa. Few items from JoJo’s kit tested positive for asbestos and the consumers were instantly advised not to use the kit.

Fda's  Tweet About Recalling the Products

In response to the FDA, Claire’s gave their statement the very next day about voluntarily recalling the makeup in collab with JoJo. Kids’ Choice Awards 2019 Complete Winners List: Shawn Mendes, Robert Downey Jr, Ariana Grande and Taylor Swift Take Home the Trophy

JoJo finally spoke up on the situation after backlash. On June 15, JoJo posted a video to her youtube channel on this situation. The video was titled “my makeup” and JoJo was seen in the similar youtuber apology attire, hoodie and minimal makeup. The mood soon changed when JoJo lost the serious look with “I was going to start this video all serious and dramatic, but that's not who I am, that's not what this video is about.”. But she goes back to be a little serious to tell her fans that her and Nickelodeon's number one priority is the fans’ safety.

JoJo explained that she trusted people to make the products perfect and now they’re trying very hard to recall the products and get them off the shelf. YouTuber Jaclyn Hill’s Line of ‘Rotten’ Lipsticks Contains Fungus and Hair! Fans Enraged

JoJo ended the small video with “I hope you understand, and thank you for understanding, because it is serious to me, and it means a lot to me because it is my name, and it is my brand, and it is my face, quite literally.” JoJo Siwa is lucky her drama aligned with the Jaclyn Hill mould lipsticks.