Kangana Ranaut Is Upset With Bollywood For Behaving Like She Does NOT Exist - Read Statement
Image credit: Twitter

Kangana Ranaut is gearing up for the release of her movie Manikarnika. After one of her filmi events, Kangana doled out interviews to the media where she talked about her movie and the surrounding controversy. If one thought that Kangana would be tongue tied and try to cover the matter or play the blame game, then they were proven wrong. The actress instead chose to answer every question directed to her with grace and was extremely articulate. Not the one to get miffed Kangana did however confess that Bollywood is not treating her the way they should be.

The actress said, "Why is everyone like she doesn’t exist? Why is that going on? You know I exist." But before this Kangana revealed how she has been vocal about appreciating her colleagues in the industry. It looks like Kangana feels let down by the other heroines, who she has always has supported in her own way. When asked about the negative narrative around her the actress said, "I'm definitely not the person who has been wronged or anything." However, there have been days when Kangana too has wondered, especially when she was going through a rough time with Manikarnika.

In one of her vulnerable moments, when Kangana was feeling judged and attacked. She asked writer Prasoon Joshi, "Why do you think there's so much opposition when it comes to people like me?"  The actress quoted the writer and cited him,

"‘Kangana, mediocrity is always going to be threatened by talent. There’s nothing that mediocrity fears more than talent.’"

Kangana then went on to say,

"And I’m like, well, may be. That is the only explanation. Because I don’t feel so threatened by anyone around. You see, I will praise Alia or Anushka. I have praised everyone. I have never shied away from going to Deepika’s Piku trial. I saw Sonakshi’s Lootera and whole year I praised her. Why is everyone like she doesn’t exist? Why is that going on? You know I exist. My film has crossed millions of views. Its one of the most promising films this year. Nobody talks about my teaser or trailer."

The Manikarnika heroine also hinted very strongly that her war of words with Karan Johar could be a reason why the actress is being snubbed by her peers and said,

"If you see other film industries also, you don’t have to be coming out of each other’s ass. But people exist. It’s as simple as that. When I saw Raazi I praised it. I didn’t think whose film it is, it is a film. It doesn’t belong to an individual it belongs to the society."

Well, Kangana may not have listed out the reasons why Bollywood is turning a blind eye towards her. But everyone knows what unfolded when the actress took on B-town's biggies by bringing up the nepotism debate. While on Karan Johar's chat show Koffee With Karan 5, the actress called KJo the flag-bearer of nepotism in Bollywood. Many years ago, Kangana's relationships with Ajay Devgn, Aditya Pancholi and Adhyayan Suman made headlines for all the wrong reasons. The actress also took Hrithik Roshan to court over a defamatory remark and alleged that she and the Super 30 actor were involved romantically.

Like in most cases, Bollywood stayed mumb and steered clear of any association with Kangana. The actress however, continues to work and has had some good movies to her credit. Post Manikarnika, with which Kangana will mark her directorial debut, the actress will be seen opposite Rajkummar Rao in Mental Hai Kya and Ashwini Iyer Tiwari's Panga.