Rock band Oasis' frontman Noel Gallagher says his "brutal panic attacks" helped him quit doing drugs. Gallagher, who was talking on theMatt Morgan's "Funny How?" podcast, shared that he sought medical help in the US, which made him give up the bad habit altogether, reports "I did have to check into hospital once. Imagine having the psychosis and having to have to go to hospital," he said. Have A Good Trip Trailer: A$AP Rocky, Sting, Natasha Lyonne, Ben Stiller Reveal Their Experience With Psychedellic Drugs (Watch Video)

The UK-based Gallagher added, about his hospital experience in the US: "They don't understand a word you're saying because of your accent and you're like 'I think I am on my way out'." He then shared the reason why he quit taking the drug. "I had a few brutal panic attacks, which is why I quit." Gallagher spoke about his drug intake after he shared that he started to drink during quarantine. He said that he has been "panic buying booze" to help him through the crisis. Julie Andrews Recalls Refusing to Take Cocaine at a Party Even After Being Forced by the Hosts.

"Now that the pubs are shut, the only thing to do now is to drink your way through it," he had said last month. This is not the first time Gallagher has spoken about his usage of substance. He previously shared with The Independent that by 1997 he lost control of himself and that his brother Liam, along with him, "relied heavily on drugs during the period".

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