2.0 Teaser: 5 Things We EXPECT to See in the First Promo of Rajinikanth-Akshay Kumar's FIlm
2.0 Teaser (Photo Credits: YouTube)

It is about to arrive! The first teaser of 2.0 is about to come out on September 13, and we just can't contain our excitement! After all, this is hyped as India's most expensive film to date. Tamil fans would love to see Thalaivar Rajinikanth reprise his iconic dual roles of scientist Vaseegaran and his dual-minded android Chitti. Bollywood movie lovers will be looking forward to see Akshay Kumar making his South debut as the villain of the piece. 2.0 is directed by S Shankar, the man who made blockbusters like Kadhalan, Gentleman, Mudhalvan, Indian, Enthiran, Sivaji and I.  2.0: Hellboy, Deadpool, X-Men; 7 Hollywood Superhero Movies of 21st Century Whose Budgets Rajinikanth-Akshay Kumars $75 Million Film Eclipsed!

Of course, we have tremendous hopes from the teaser. As well as a little anxiety. What if 2.0 doesn't turn out to be good as we expected? The movie has seen some troubled productions, so has it affected the final product? We will have the Moment of Truth when the teaser arrives tomorrow. Before that moment arrives, here are five things we expect to see in the 2.0 teaser.

Honourable Mention

A lengthier glimpse

Please, makers, do make the teaser a little more than a minute!

#1 - The VFX

The makers of 2.0 have called the film 'India's First $75 Million VFX Wonder'. With such a high claim, we want to see some of that action in the teaser itself. Considering the makers are also releasing a 3D teaser as well, we think we might really get some action!

#2 - Chitti's new antics

In Enthiran, Chitti was one of the most entertaining characters that Rajinikanth has done in his career. The superstar relished in his OTT portrayal of the rogue android and his 'Mehhhh' quote has generated a lot of memes. We are really curious to see what he is upto in the sequel.

#3 - Akshay Kumar's villainy

The most exciting thing for me, after the VFX of course, is Akshay Kumar has the villain. I am sure everyone will agree that the best action film depends on how good the villain is. Though Akshay has played negative characters before, he has never played a supervillain that too in a crow's Garb. Moreover, what exactly is he? A monster, alien or a scientist whose experiment went wrong?

#4 - Amy Jackson

Amy Jackson is playing the female lead, replacing Aishwarya Rai Bachchan from the first film. The thing we are so curious to know about her is - is she really playing a robot in the film?

#5 - The glimpse of the plot

While people involved in the production of the film have been going gaga over the VFX and the actors, they are quite tight-lipped about the premise. I am damn excited to know what the whole story is all about and what the tagline wants to tell us with this 'The World is Not Only for Humans!'

So what are your own expectations for the film's teaser? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.