Brahmanandam Has Been Maintaining Social Distancing Since 2009 and This Viral Video Is Proof
Brahmanandam Maintaining Social Distancing (Photo Credits: YouTube Still)

Since the coronavirus outbreak happened, we all have been adhering to various hygiene protocols and maintaining social distancing as well. We are ensuring to follow the guidelines instructed by the authorities in order to curb the spread of COVID-19. But did you know actor and comedian Brahmanandam, who is predominantly known for his works in Telugu Cinema, has been maintaining social distancing since 2009? COVID-19 Crisis: Nagpur Police Shares the Perfect 'Social Distancing' Message, Featuring Shah Rukh Khan and Deepika Padukone (View Tweet).

So did Brahmanandam know back then was unsafe it would be if one doesn’t maintain social distancing? Well, he did not. But if you watch the viral video of Brahmanandam that is currently doing rounds on the internet, you’ll agree that he did the right thing a decade ago. So this video clip that is going viral is a scene from the Telugu film Prayanam that released in May 2009. In this video, you’ll see how Brahmanandam, at the baggage check-in counter at the airport, asks the young lad behind him to maintain one hand distance. Netizens are currently sharing this particular airport scene from the film and relating to how commoners are going to behave while they’ll be standing at the bus stands. Social Distancing Jugaad Bike Goes Viral! Similar Indian Creations of Bicycle and E-rickshaw Maintaining Safe Distance That Caught All Praises Amid Lockdown.

The Viral Video Of Brahmanandam

The Airport Scene From Prayanam

Ain’t it totally relatable? Well, one must know that social distancing is of utmost importance in order to control the further spread of the novel coronavirus. Right now, India is in the fourth phase of lockdown with certain relaxations issued to every state depending upon the rising cases of COVID-19 patients.