Preity Zinta enters the house with a task in which she divides the contestants into two teams. The task it that both the teams have to enact a romantic scene and whichever team manages ti impress Preity wins and gets to take part in an immunity task later. Karanvir is not participating in this task as he is already the captain and safe from the nominations next week. 

Adding a bit of zing to the Weekend ka Vaar, Preity Zinta graces the stage with her presence. Preity and Salman end up playing guess the hook step with each other were seen dancing away to glory. The dimpled queen steals the hearts of the contestants as they get to interact with her.

Salman then asks the housemates to select one among them who will go to the torture room and they all nominate Dipika. 

It's time for the caller of the week and he addresses Rohit Suchanti and tells him that he is not seen in the house. He reveals that Sreesanth had once said that Srishty Rode is visible because of that bit of a romantic angle with Rohit, but the caller says it's the other way round. Rohit says that he will keep this in mind and work on himself. Srishty gets angry at Sreesanth for saying that about Srishty, and questions Sreesanth, who denies saying that. But Rohit reveals that Sreesanth did say that and Srishty walks away. 

Salman congratulates Karanvir Bohra for becoming the captain. He asks Karanvir that whom does he credit for this and he says to Rohit Suchanti as it was him who told that there was some water left in Karanvir's bowl. Salman then asks Surbhi and she says the credit goes to Dipika Kakar, who was a sanchalak and that she was biased towards Karanvir. Salman sides with Surbhi and tells Dipika that she turned out to be the worst sanchalak of the season after Shivashish. Salman adds that Karanvir had to be the captain as Dipika invested all her time in this week to make sure it happens. 

Salman reprimands Deepak as a few days back he suggested that Jasleen is in a relationship with Anup Jalota because the latter has a lot of money. Salman tells him that it was character assassination and it is worse than abusing someone. Salman also says he is disappointed with Surbhi for supporting Deepak. He then appreciates Romil for trying to handle the situation sensibly. Surbhi and Deepak apologise to Salman and Jasleen and say they won't make such personal comments henceforth. 

To everyone’s surprise, Bigg Boss, who’s never short of adding various twists announced a very difficult task. Salman shows us that. The four nominated contestants, Somi Khan, Surbhi Rana, Romil Chaudhary and Deepak Thakur were given a chance to release their frustration by nominating a contestant who they thought was fit to be in their place for this week’s evictions. The nominated contestants had to be dunked in Ice Cold water, cow dung, atta and rotten tomatoes. Srishty Rode, Shivashish Mishra, Jasleen Matharu and Rohit Suchanti, much to their dismay, were the so called lucky ones to bathe in the given ingredients.

Salman Khan kickstarts the episode by giving a recap of what happened all this week. He applauds Romil Chaudhary for sacrificing to see video message from his family members so that Somi Khan can see the video message from her family. 

It’s true when said, that strength and growth come only through continuous efforts. Having fought for captaincy, almost every week, Karanvir Bohra has now finally got the power in his hands by winning the title of the captain. But that's not the only interesting thing that has happened during the past five days inside the Bigg Boss house. A few contestants got to see video messages from their family members on the day of Diwali. Plus there were arguments too. Bigg Boss 12: Salman Khan Blasts Dipika Kakar, and Former Winner Shilpa Shinde Is Excited To Watch.

It's Saturday means it's time for host Salman Khan to return to our TV screens with yet another Weekend Ka Vaar of Bigg Boss 12. Can't wait to see him give his two cents on the events that took place during the eighth week of Bigg Boss 12. Catch all the LIVE updates of tonight's episode of Bigg Boss 12 right here.