Sreesanth gets agitated and goes up to Rohit to hit him as he is pooping in the washroom. Rohit comes out and Sreesanth asks him to come inside the washroom if he has guts to fight with him. Rohit tells him that it won't look good if they both go in the washroom. Sreesanth says not everything can be done on camera and will teach him a lesson inside the washroom. All the housemates are trying to calm things down and Rohit walks out of the powder room. 

Rohit Suchanti says that Sreesanth has even abused Dipika a few days back. Sreesanth tells Rohit not to lie as he didn't abuse Dipika. But Rohit is adamant that he did and he heard it. 

Next Deepak put allegations against Sreesanth and says he has disrespected everyone on the show. Jasleen and Somi accept his case and call Sreesanth in the witness box. Dipika has to defend Sreesanth and says that all the housemates gave him number one ranking during the ranking task, and some of them have called him entertaining, so he deserves to be on the show. 

Sreesanth and Dipika are talking to each other and he tells her that Jasleen Matharu will get evicted this week and she knows it. Hence she is getting aggressive. He adds that if she tries to get aggressive with her, he will teach her a lesson. 

The luxury budget task, BB Ki Panchayat continues tonight. Deepak alleges that Megha spat on him and threw her shoe at him a few days back. But Megha says that she will behave exactly like the opposite person behaves with her. Later she tells Deepak that she would have hit him on the face and not thrown her shoe at the ground if she wanted to. Dipika also sides with Megha, but Jasleen and Somi after a lot of discussion give the point to Deepak and say that Megha does need to control her anger. 

The contestants wake up to the song, Malhaari. Sreesanth is meditating and Romil Chaudhary and Dipika Kakar are with him. Romil says that when Deepak Thakur had come in the house, he was a nice person. Sreesanth disagrees and says he had a game plan right from the first day since he has watched all the 11 seasons of Bigg Boss. Romil says that he has pride filled in him. 

Accusations, exposed offences and defensive statements, the housemates digged every allegation from the past and brought them to the open. The rivalries came full circle in the BB Panchayat task. Dipika turned the tables on Surbhi with accusations that left the fiery captain fumbling for a proper defence. Romil Choudhary found himself under the fire in the task when he faced accusations of making nasty comments about his housemates. Rohit was found guilty of the charges levied on him. Bigg Boss 12: Have You Checked Out This Insanely Cute Video Of Romil Chaudhary's Son OJ?

What was the ultimate result of this task? Were mukhiyas Jasleen Matharu and Somi Khan able to come to a conclusion? Or did this task got cancelled like many other tasks of Bigg Boss 12? We can't wait to find out.

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