Bigg Boss 12: Romil Chaudhary And Sreesanth Get Into A Physical Brawl And All Hell Break Loose
Sreesanth and Romil had a brawl on Bigg Boss 12

With just couple of weeks left for the finale of Bigg Boss 12, this is the only time for the contestants to prove their worth in the game. Bigg Boss woke the contestants up to a new day on the song ‘Aa Dekhe Zara Kisme Kitna Hai Dum’ hinting towards the Kalkotri nominations for the week. The luxury budget task for this week was called Grab the Fizz challenge where the housemates were divided into two teams, Red Team and Black Team. Team Black had Karanvir Bohra, Romil Chaudhary and Deepak Thakur, and Team Red had Sreesanth, Dipika Kakar, Somi Khan and Rohit Suchanti. The winning team of the task will get a special power that will help them during the kaalkotri nominations.

There will be an apple tree set up with cold drink bottles hanging on it in the activity area along with a gaming zone, in the garden area. Two boxes have been designated to each team. The task is divided by three challenges which will be conducted in the activity area and after winning each challenge the winning team has to pluck one bottle from the tree and keep it on the box designated to their team. The opponent team can also steal the bottle but can’t hide it anywhere. The first challenge was a Q&A round where Surbhi asked quirky questions about the game to Dipika and Deepak who represented their team respectively. Bigg Boss 12, 12th December 2018 Episode Written Updates: Sreesanth Gets Angry At Dipika Kakar For No Reason.

There was a strong verbal argument amongst each other where Dipika declared Karanvir as the worst captain of the season and Deepak accused Romil of losing the plot due to his overconfidence. The second task was to aim and spray where there will be a dodger and shooter, the dodger will wear a helmet with a paper frame on it and the shooter of the opponent team will spray water on it. The one who tears the paper frame first will be the winner of the house. The third round of the game was paint the wall where Sreesanth and Romil had to paint the wall Blue and Yellow respectively, the one who painted the maximum portion of the wall will win the game. The games were quite bold and edgy which brought out the true "Vyaktitva" of each contestant.


Sreesanth and Romil got into a physical brawl while painting the wall while Dipika and Somi in spite of being in the same team disagreed on some comments passed during the question and answer round.