After Dipika wins a promotional task in which she was competing against Sreesanth, the latter gets angry at her for no reason and starts behaving rudely with her. Later they do sort their differences out though. 

Later, Deepak, Rohit and Romil are seen sleeping even after Bigg Boss’s warnings. They are criticized by Bigg Boss for not being active in the game even when they are couple of weeks away from the finale. Bigg Boss takes a drastic decision and asks Surbhi to keep 8 mattresses in the store room. While Surbhi is fulfilling her captaincy duty she asks Dipika to share the bed with Somi. Dipika protests against Surbhi and said she  is not being fair. Surbhi and Dipika don' agree on each other’s opinion and have a major argument on this. 

Somi, Rohit Suchanti and Karanvir Bohra get nominated this week as the nominations task comes to an end. 

As the day proceeds it is time for Sreesanth to prove his brotherhood for Dipika and to save Dipika, Sreesanth has to sacrifice his most prized possession i.e his family photographs. He does it and saves Dipika from getting nominated. 

 The next one to get trapped in the cave is Romil who asks Somi to shred her family pictures to save him. She does it and saves him from the nominations. 

Romil and Sreesanth get into a brawl when they are discussing as to who deserves to win the Bigg Boss title. In the heat of the moment, Romil teases Sreesanth that he won't even let Sreesanth smell the trophy which agitates Sreesanth.

As the contestants wake up in the morning, Romil Chaudhary continues to sleep, after which Bigg Boss plays the alarm. Surbhi Rana gets angry at him, but Romil continues to defend himself and says he was not sleeping. Th second leg of the task begins and Bigg Boss calls Sreesanth in the gufa. 

The greatest sacrifice is when you sacrifice your own happiness for the sake of someone else. But, this is not the case with the Bigg Boss 12 contestants. This week’s nomination task has reached its final leg and this time it was Sreesanth’s turn to go inside the Jinn Ki Gufa. What was he asked by the Jinn? And did the opposite person completed the task to save him from the nominations? Bigg Boss 12: Romil Chaudhary Is Confident That He Will Go To The Finale, Sreesanth Promises He Won't Let That Happen.

Not only Sreesanth, even Dipika Kakar, Romil Chaudhary were also called inside the gufa. We will find out what they all were asked to get the other person to do in order to be in the safe zone and thereby earn a spot in the semi-finale week of Bigg Boss 12. Catch all the LIVE updates right on this page of tonight's episode of BB12.