The mayhem leads to Bigg Boss calling the contestants in the living area. BB slams Vishal for being the most confused ‘Sanchalak’ of the season. As an output of the same, the entire house suffers. Additionally, Bigg Boss also declares that this was the very final chance for the contestants to win immunity and there won't be any more tasks going forward. Oh gosh!

Amidst the task, Sidharth Shukla calls Asim Riaz 'nalla' and after hearing this the latter blasts at the former. The two boys again come face-to-face and fight it out. 

In round two of the task, reading through the letter, Vishal accuses another team of cheating and declares Shehnaaz as the winner of the round. The contestants don’t accept Vishal’s decision and start protesting. Well, Vishal is right as per the rules, but Sana winning is a wrong one dude. 

The captaincy task starts wherein all the inmates give their best and it's Vishal who becomes the sanchalak, courtesy the first-round winner Mahira kicking him out of the game. 

After the first round in the task, Sana and Rashami was blocked by Mahira and Shefali. This gameplan of team Shukla pisses Gil off and in a fit of anger she pushes Sidharth violently. 

Shehnaaz is in the captaincy task is clearly supporting Rashami Desai and not Sidharth Shukla and friends. This irks Sid and he laughs at Gill saying it's funny how she changes sides and has no permanent stand. To which Sana replies that she is paying back to Desai and team and they saved her during nominations. 

The new captaincy task sees the house attacked by a huge spider and every time the spider moves, eggs will get collected. Baskets with names of every contestant are placed in the garden area and each contestant must collect eggs and put it in their baskets. The one with the least amount of eggs in the first round gets eliminated from the task and becomes the sanchalak.

Last time in a task, Sid and Asim got violent and abusive in front of guest Hina Khan and owing to their this behaviour, Bigg Boss announces that in the new captaincy task, the two boys will not take part. Sad, but a reality check. 

It was Rashami's duty to cook, but Shehnaaz after asking the former cooks parathas for the inmates. This irks Paras and he blames Desai for not cooking smaller things and wishes to do only the bigger tasks. Rashami defends herself and says that Paras is always trying to accuse her and is full of negativity.

Paras looks tensed to which Mahira and Shefali ask him what's the matter? The man replies that something is bothering him where he later reveals it's his gf, Akanksha Puri. Later, Jariwala tells Paras to get a closure of this toxic relationship, to which he agrees.  

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Last night we saw how the nominations task led to Sidharth Shukla and Shehnaaz Gill being safe whereas the rest of the house is up for elimination this week. Coming to tonight’s (Thursday) episode, it’s again going to focus on Shehnaaz and Sid’s growing bitterness. As in the new spider-themed captaincy task, Sana will be seen flipping once again and will support Rashami Desai and Asim Riaz. This gesture will not go down well by Shukla and he will start picking up at Shehnaaz. To this, Gill will charge up and push Sid. Bigg Boss 13 Jumps Straight To The 3rd Spot, Salman Khan’s Bashing At Vishal Aditya Singh, Madhurima Tuli & Paras Chhabra Worked In The Show's Favour?

That’s not it, as fans will also get to see how Bigg Boss will slam Vishal Aditya Singh for his bad and unfair sanchalan. BB will gather all the housemates in the living area and declare Vishal as the most confused sanchalak of the season. Too much chaos and drama awaits. Stay tuned to LatestLY for all the updates from BB 13Bigg Boss 13: Asim Riaz To Star Opposite Sunny Leone in a Bollywood Flick? Deets Inside.