Comedy Circus Review: Siddharth Sagar, Aditi Bhatia, Anita Hassanandani Manage to Tickle Your Funny Bones in the First Episode
The first episode of Comedy Circus was quite a hoot. Check out our review here. (Photo Credit: Instagram)

Comedy Circus is back and how! Sony TV has finally managed to bring back a comedy show minus the controversies. Comedy Circus has Archana Puran Singh, Sohail Khan and Vishal Dadlani as the judges. Comedians are divided in teams and have been given certain themes. Whoever gets the most laughs wins more money. It was quite interesting and refreshing to see all the comedians back on the small screen. Sidharth Sagar, Mubeen Saudagar, Aditi Bhatia and Sana Saeed were some of my favourites tonight. Except for the below the belt jokes on Karishma Sharma for having acted in Ragini MMS, everything else was pretty much funny.

Sidharth and Mubeen's Munna Bhai MBBS set was hilarious. The best part about the show is that you lose track of time. It keeps you hooked on to the television and is really entertaining. Although, Archana laughing at a high decibel sometimes really gets to you. The punch line by the comedians fades away and you can't hear anything above the laughter. But we've already had the comedians making fun of Archana's laughter. In fact, the episode starts with one of "Archana laughs the loudest" jokes. Some of the jokes seem quite old and you feel like you've heard them before.

Anita Hassanandani was paired with Ojaswi and Paritosh. Now it's pretty obvious that there will be a lot of Naagin jokes because she actually plays one in the show but there weren't as much as I was expecting. Aditi Bhatia and Balraj Syal were the first team to perform and you cannot ask for a better team to start the show.


- Thorough entertainment

- The format is short and crisp

- The show has your complete attention


- It's high time that we stop using sexist, misogynistic content to make people laugh

- Certain jokes are not at all funny and seem very unoriginal

Final Verdict

We're watching a comedy show after quite some time and it feels quite refreshing. If the jokes evolve beyond the regular wife banter or personal comments, it might actually work great on the TRP front. What are your thoughts on this? Tell us in the comments below and stay tuned with us for more.