Korean dramas are known for their mush-filled 'will they won't they' romances. In many earlier shows, the kisses lacked the warmth as they were more brushing of lips rather than a smooch. But today kdrama actors and actresses have managed to deliver such beautiful kisses that they make your heart flutter and also set wrong standards for make-outs. Moving on, Kdrama kisses is thus a genre in itself now. But there's a style of kissing that is observed in Korean dramas which is plain absurd. We are talking about the accidental kisses. Hyun Bin-Son Ye jin, Ji Chang Wook-Park Min Young: Five Kdrama Kisses That Are Just Too Hot To Handle (Watch Videos).

Let us explain. If you ever had the 'good' fortune of watching the current lot of Indian TV shows, you may have noticed how ridiculous things like sindoor (vermillion) can be seen flying from one room to another and neatly falling on the forehead of the person concerned. So we are aware how these accidental kisses on kdramas don't always make sense. Let us give you five examples.

I Married The Anti-fan

It's a convenient marriage between the Choi Tae-joon and Soo-young who hate each other. In this particular scene, they are shooting a sequence for one of their projects together. Soo-young has lost control of the car and Choi Tae-joon tries to stop the vehicle but ends up kissing her. Like how? How has that never happened to any of us? All Of Us Are Dead, True Beauty, Hellbound - 7 Kdramas Based On Webtoons That We Recommend.

Business Proposal

Yet another story of contractual relationship which has Ahn Hyo-seop and Kim Sejeong caught in an accidental kiss in the second episode. She tries to save him from falling but ends up being on top of him with lips on each other. All that to avoid being spotted by her crush! How do you fall so strategically on someone's lip?

You're Beautiful

Here, Park Shin-ye just lands on Jang Keun-suk and that's a kiss. Don't we generally preempt such a thing and dodge? That's called reflexes!


What's even happening here? Song Seung-heon gets slammed on his head by a rod and he falls over while kissing Go-ara. Their faces weren't even that close to each other.

Let's Fight Ghost

This is probably the funniest of all. A ghostbuster accidentally kisses a ghost while fighting her...the thought itself is making us crackup! At least here, the guy had the good thinking of moving away the moment it happened and not wait for several camera angles.

Mind you, nearly every time, it's always either of the character's first kiss. We don't know about you, such sudden unplanned kisses don't really make us go weak in the knees.

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