Kumkum Bhagya October 21, 2019 Written Update Full Episode: Will Pragya Return Back To Abhi’s Life Again?
A still from Kumkum Bhagya (Photo Credits: Twitter)

In the last episode of Kumkum Bhagya we saw that Rhea hates her mother more after hearing what Aaliya tells her. She calls up Pragya crying and asks her to meet in a restaurant. Pragya meets Rhea and tries to calm her down. Rhea leaves the restaurant and sees Abhi outside. She asks Abhi to stop supporting her mother who was a horrible woman. Abhi goes to the hotel bar to get drunk. He gets violent and creates a scene there. Pragya who is at the same hotel with Rhea hears Abhi and comforts him too. Abhi sees Pragya and hugs her. Tonight’s episode starts with Abhi (Shabir Ahluwalia) getting furious with the bartender who refuses to give him more drinks. Pragya (Sriti Jha) sees him getting violent, she intervenes and stops him, Abhi hugs her. Abhi is happy saying that his life is back to him. Both of them get very emotional. Kumkum Bhagya October 14, 2019 Written Update Full Episode: Disha Confesses Her Love to Purab.

On the other side, Prachi complains to Vikram about Ranbir having a coffee party with all her colleagues. They head towards Ranbir’s cabin where they hear loud music being played. But when they enter the cabin, Prachi realizes that it is the birthday of Gulal who is one of the employees.

Later, Prachi feels very sorry for her behavior. Prachi tries to talk to Ranbir but he gets upset with her. She apologizes to him. But Ranbir leaves from there. Meanwhile, Pragya asks Abhi to leave her but Abhi asks her not to leave him. Pragya gets furious with Abhi for having drinks. Abhi gets very emotional,he tells her that whenever he misses her, he drinks. Pragya tells him that they should go out of the restaurant but Abhi doesn’t leave her. Pragya promises him to be with him so that he agrees to come out. Both of them share some romantic moments and leave from there.

Meanwhile, Ranbir sees off all the employees and even he pays some money to the peon. But Prachi stays back. Ranbir goes to her, Prachi tells him that she wants to apologize to him again. Ranbir tells her to leave that topic but Prachi becomes stubborn as Ranbir ignores her apology. Ranbir tells her that he had come to her to share the plan but she didn’t listen to him. So he asks Prachi to leave him alone. Both of them argue then Prachi asks him to push her away from the way she did to take the revenge. But when Ranbir moves closer to Prachi, he again starts feeling something. Prachi keeps her eyes closed as she thinks that Ranbir will actually push her away. But in the end they decide to be good friends.  Kumkum Bhagya Actress Sriti Jha Wows in Plunging Little Black Outfit and We Can’t Take Our Eyes off Her (View Pic).

In the meantime, Pragya takes Abhi out of the restaurant. Abhi keeps on behaving stupidly as he is drunk and also happy as Pragya is with him. Abhi tells Pragya to kiss him if she loves him. Pragya blushes as she finds Abhi happy as he was with her.