Naagin 3 24th June 2018 Written Update of Full Episode: Shocking Revelations About Bela And Vish!
Photo Credit: Colors TV/ Episode Stills

Today's episode of Naagin 3 brings in the big revelation. Rehaan is screaming at the top of his voice as the family walks in. Rehaan tells them that Vish (Anita Hassanandani) just stabbed Bela(Surbhi Jyothi). Vish walks in as the businesswoman again and asks Andy if his family is full of crazy people who call her naagin time and again. Andy urges Rehaan to stop his drunken stupor and return home as Bela is safe and at home.

Mahir takes Rehaan out as Andy apologises to Vish. Mahir asks Rehaan to stop drinking and hallucinating so much. Mahir offers to take Rehaan home, but he says that he would take his own car. Later Rehaan wants to find out what he just witnessed and returns to the haveli. He bumps into Bela inside. He asks her to accompany him as he has seen everything that happened to her. Bela looks confused and asks Rehaan what he is talking about.

Rehaan thinks that Vish has done something bad to Bela's head and she does not remember anything. Rehaan relates to how he saw Bela being attacked by Vish, and later Vish walking out of the party. He speaks about how he followed her out when he saw that Bela had walked out too. Rehaan says that he saw how Vish's eyes changed colour.

Bela turns around as her own eyes change colour and she asks Rehaan if the colour was the same. Rehaan gets scared as he jumps away from her. Vish too returns in her naagin form and stands right behind him. Rehaan runs away to escape but the doors to the haveli shut. Vish bows before Bela calling her Naagrani. Bela makes her stand and addresses Vish as her best friend.

Now Vish says how she was about to kill Mahir in the party and Rehaan saw her. Bela relates that she wanted to warn Vish and came to the haveli, but then they had to do all the drama to convince Rehaan. Now they follow Rehaan who has driven away with the intention of telling everyone that Bela too is a naagin. Rehaan is cornered by the two naagins, and he is brutally killed by them. There at home Rehaan's parents leave for their house and Kuhu sends Poulomi also along with them.

Anu decides to stay back for a while with Kuhu. Bela and Vish call out to the Naagraj as they dance. Finally, Naagraj arrives, and Bela is crowned the Naagrani. Vish once again prostrates herself before Bela, but Bela says that Vish has been her rock from the first day. Bela reveals that she is actually Roohi.

Roohi remembers how she and Vish have always been friends and how Vish had been with her when she was going to be crowned the Naagrani years ago. At that time Roohi had told Vish about how she loved Vikrant so much and more than becoming a naagrani she wanted to be his soon. Vikrant had expressed his worry about Roohi and him belonging to different nag clans and that their relationship will never be accepted by Roohi's sheshnag clan.

Roohi had then promised Vikrant that she would convince her people very soon. Vish consoles Bela who gets emotional as she reaches the place where she lost Vikrant. Vish pledges that they together will end everyone. Mahir and Sumitra get worried about Bela as she has not returned home yet. Sumitra is sad that she forced Mahir into a marriage when there is no love in it.

Mahir says that he would manage to convince Bela and also keep her happy. Bela and Vish wait for Nagpandit who turns out to be Bela's father. It is revealed that Nagpandit of the sheshnag clan had taken the form of a poor farmer so that Yuvi would see Bela and wish to marry her. Bela orders the pandit to go for now and also asks him and Vish never to trust a human as she feels that humans generally are evil.

Vish tries to tell Bela that not all are bad but Bela will not take any chances. Bela messages Butlu from Rehaan's phone saying he is going to his farmhouse for some days. Butlu gets the message and shows it to Anu. Anu is shocked by this as she knows that the farmhouse is under renovation and that Rehaan knew this. Mahir worries if Bela too had visited the haveli and is somehow stuck there. He decides to go in search of her.

Vish is concerned that Bela needs to remove her skin before midnight today or else she will expose herself to the family as a naagin. Vish takes Bela to the temple so she can do that there as Vish herself decides to distract the Sehgals. As Vish steps out a car drives up at the temple, and it turns out to be Mahir. Vish decides to take Bela's form and distract him while Bela herself too sees Mahir and thinks he has seen her, so she walks out of the temple to meet Mahir. Now as it turns out both Belas stand in front and behind of Mahir.