GoAir Flight G8-101 From Kolkata to Port Blair Returns Due to Bird Hit, Cancellation Leads to Rs 5 Crore Loss
GoAir (Image: Twitter, @goairlinesindia)

Kolkata, June 8: A GoAir flight G8-101 from Kolkata to Port Blair returned to Kolkata on Thursday morning after suffering a bird hit. The flight reportedly suffered engine damage due to the bird hit. The flight had to be cancelled, thereby, leading to a loss of about Rs 5 crore, according to an India Today report.

There were 160 passengers onboard the GoAir flight that took off from Kolkata Airport at 8:30 am on Thursday and was soon asked to return. The flight landed safely back in Kolkata after about 30 minutes of take-off.

According to reports, the pilot experienced heavy vibrations in the right engine during lift-off. When the pilot didn't send a call sign, the Air Traffic Control officials suspected something was wrong on the flight. The ATC then contacted the pilot for confirmation, following which he told them about the issue and was asked to bring back the flight.

The engineers examining the aircraft said that the bird had damaged six engine blades.